Weave-On Plait Aka Brandy Plaits

Brandy Plaits are Pre-sewn synthetic Weave-on Plait or Twist (WOPOT) which can achieve amazing curls with just hot water in minutes. This style allows you to look great without the wait. It is Perfect for creating infinite number of styles for wedding and party occasions.

Investing in the Brandy Weave-on Plait or Twist (WOPOT) hair design for the summer and winter seasons after Covid Lockdowns  may just be the best style move. To the untrained eye, a counterfeit braided weave-on plaits may be indistinguishable from the real thing. The Braidex Brandy Plaits uniqueness is that the hair is separated strand by strand in a weave-like pattern hand crafted by rural women in Africa.

DIY hair braiding and care are finding  new customers and shoppable social media platforms are becoming more important. Hence we at Braidex formerly Braide International are prioritizing digital channels to capture and convert the attention of existing and new customers. People can stay up to date with us on

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