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BRAIDEX, a new leader in the field of braiding and hair making, uses only natural Kanekalon hair in it’s’ products, which are processed using a traditional family method developed with great pride. Braidex® maintains the original tradition of artisan workmanship in its production, while adapting to the needs of the modern black woman.

We do not have hard statistics but it is obvious that choice of extensions and the poor workmanship offered and also the spiraling costs of these so called ‘designer hair’ by Asian and Chinese manufacturers who do not wear the hair themselves is appalling to say the least. What is ethical about the use of Indian hair by black women that has been sacrificed during religious ceremony ? Braid to express the beauty in you (Braidex® for short) arose to address the abuse that many black sisters are receiving for lack of a credible choice. With the knowledge of the intricacies of the black women , we have developed innovative ethnic hair products black women are seeking to help them achieve healthy hair.

Being black ourselves we understand that the texture and consistency of black hair, which is frizzy, dry and fragile, has of- ten been troublesome for black women who value their hairstyle as the most important aspect of their appearance.

With our ethnic extension products, these needs have been addressed and black women customers can have the opportunity to encounter these experiences. Because of its composition, aside the fact it makes the job easier, it is water friendly, easy to maintain and it brings out beauty with little or no effort. Black women are looking for a solution to hair loss. Based on the most prevalent problem among thinning hair ladies our technique will make this challenge a thing of the past.

We use different hair techniques to ensure that our hair are original styles to suit every- one and at all occasions.  Braid to express the beauty in you because it is convenient. True convenience is spending minutes to get a style that looks as if it took hours. .

We have done all the work for you to feel good and enjoy your hair!

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